The Leaders Against Pain Action Network (LAPAN) has brought together a diverse group of highly talented individuals from across the United States and several countries, including Mexico, Canada, and Europe.  Our Leaders Against Pain  (LAP) contribute unique skills and traits that have proved invaluable to the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association. LAPs demonstrated tremendous effort and dedication towards common goals this past year. As trained advocates for fibromyalgia and chronic pain, Leaders Against Pain facilitate support groups, sponsor awareness events, obtain proclamations for their local states and communities, issue press releases and interview with local and public news sources. More recently, LAPs developed new ideas and ways to reach and positively affect the fibromyalgia community through a dedicated LAPAN website, newsletter, Facebook State Networking pages and collaborative efforts with the FDA. Contributing our unique backgrounds, skills sets and dedication are the underpinnings of our work together. It is a pleasure to introduce our 2012 cohort, the Leaders Against Pain Action Network!