Leaders Against Pain (LAP) is a program customized for support group leaders and advocates. The multi-faceted program focuses on media, advocacy and leadership training.

LAP was created to address the following issues:

    •     Fractured communication between legislators/policy makers and people with chronic pain illnesses

    •     The need to create a unified message and voice about changing the cultural perception of chronic pain

    •     General public stigmatization of people with chronic pain illnesses

    •     Medical community needs training and support for treating chronic pain jatients

LAP Training Conferences provide support group leaders and patient advocates with a basic understanding of:

    •     Creating awareness through the media

    •     Conducting on-air interviews

    •     Contacting print and electronic media outlets

    •     Implementing the principles of public relations and messaging

    •     Writing press releases and media alerts

    •     Learning advocacy principles

    •     Contacting policymakers at the local and national level

    •     Learning techniques to mobilize their support group members and others in the pain and FM communities to bring about awareness and create change

Support group leaders are trained as patient advocates through the Leaders Against Pain (LAP) program and have:

    • Ability to communicate unified message on the needs of the FM and/or chronic pain community

    • Training in media and advocacy skills and know-how to stay on message regarding FM and/or chronic pain issues

    • Willingness to disseminate information and participate in contacting political officials through various communication channels

    • Skills to increase number of media impressions and resulting increased awareness across the country and abroad on chronic pain disorder

    • Quick response to legislative issues by forwarding information via the internet and chain calling

    • Increased participation in Annual Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12th and September Pain Awareness Month activities around the world

    • Leadership to obtain proclamations that proclaim May 12th as FM Awareness Day and September as Pain Awareness Month by federal representatives, state governors and /or local officials 

The Leaders Against Pain will help people capture the story of their personal journey with a chronic pain disorder. Guidance will be offered on how to use that story to educate state legislators and Congressmen about the needs and interests of state constituents who suffer with these illnesses.  The goal of this interaction is to positively influence state legislative policy actions that impact access to care and the quality of life for people in pain.  


For those who qualify, all of the training and many of the meals will be furnished by the NFMCPA.  The national leadership skill training is for advocates and support group leaders. LAP training is required for members of the Leaders Against Pain Action Network (LAPAN), and program graduates become members of the LAPAN.  To become an NFMCPA Leaders Against Pain Action Network member requires comprehensive training, study and commitment.  This conference teaches skills in how to use your voice to:

    • develop and tell your story in order to garner support for people in pain

    • create advocacy events in your local and state communities

    • represent chronic pain patients' issues to your state legislators as well as national congressional leaders

    • work with the media including television, radio, and journalistic interview skills

    • advocate on your own behalf, including communicating with your medical healthcare providers, employers, family, friends, and the general public

    • develop and sustain local support groups

There is not currently a Leaders Against Pain Scholarship Training Conference scheduled. We'll be sure to add it here when we do!


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